Elevator Cloud-Cloud Elevator Monitoring System

Combination of IOTĦBBig Data and Cloud Compututing,building a on-line monitoringĦBrepairing service.

Concept Graph

With font-tier servicingĦBbackground-tier application and IOT,elevators which were linking with Sowch Elevator Cloud can have the record of all action,like fixed(checked) date or material changing situation. Both of users and repair companies can link to Sowch Elevator Cloud to check the elevator information.

Monitoring Concept Graph

Repair companies can link to Sowch Elevator Cloud to on-line monitoring elevator situation. Also can deal with the elevator problem at first time, reducing the property losing and raising the persons safety. Ensuring anytime persons who take the elevators is safety. Also by the concept of Big data, analysing the elevator record like most car call floor and set the elevator auto stopping at that floor, minimizing waiting time.