Elevator Peripheral Device


MP3 Speech Broadcast System

|Product Feature
MP3 Speech Broadcast
24V Serial Communication Port
Flexible Speech Language Settings
Support the Language of Chinese,English,Taiwanese,and Hakka
Customized Service for the Voice Files Provided by Customers

|Function Description
Speech Broadcast for the Elevator Status
Speech Broadcast for the Elevator Arriving

LED Car Light

|Product Feature
Extended Life: Continuously Used for over 3 Years
Power Saving: One-Tenth Power Consuming of RegularFluorescent Light
Slim Design: Increase the Space Design Capability of Elevator Car for 10~30 cm
With the LED driving design of constant-voltage,constant-current and the use of switching power adaptor,the LED Car Light benefits the users power saving and life extension

|Function Description
Operation Voltage: DC +5V
Input Voltage: AC 100V~240V
Operating Temperature: 0~40J
Operating Current: Carlight-L: 3.2A/each (max) Carlight-S: 0.8A/each (max)

Remote/Local Monitoring Control System

|Product Feature
User-Friendly-Operation Software Interface
Support 1~32 Elevators Real-time Monitoring
Customized Allocation Frame of Monitored Elevators
Able to Check the Error Record and Elevator Name Setting
Monitor the Current Car Call and Hall Call Status of Elevator
Support the Level Control Settings and Elevator Time Settings
Support Hall and Car Call Command and Distribution for Elevators
Support Real-Time Current Floor of Elevator,Operation Direction,and Current Status
Support to Change the Elevator Status as Manual/Auto Mode,Maintenance,Power-Off Mode,and etc.

GSM Message Promulgating System

|Product Feature
Can Be the Tracing Tool of Elevator Repairing Process
By GSM Technique,Monitoring Elevator's Normal Status Immediately
When Elevator is Breaking Down or Abnormal,Sending Message to Assign Person to Repair Elevator

|Function Description
Safety Operation Monitoring:Monitoring Elevator Operation Immediately
Personnel Safety Monitoring:Infrared Ray Detects whether there is a Person in Elevator Too Much Time Or Not and Sending Message to Repairman to Check
Repair Process Tracing:Before Break Down is repaired,System will Send Break Down Message to Different Assign Person at Regular Time,Tracing and Estimating Whether Need Support Or Not
Break Down Promulgating:When Elevator is Breaking Down or Abnormal,System will Send Message to Assign Person or Coustomer Service Automatically to Achieve Immediately Servicing Support

Photo Sensor Switch