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Development and Evolution

Sow Cheng Technology was Founded in 1985, it is dedicated to the research and development of elevator control system and traffic signal controller, and has completed many microcomputer elevator controllers. In 2004, it became a professional manufacturer of elevator controller. More than 30 years of elevator professional experience, to provide customers with the best solution of elevator control.

In 1988, the company successfully developed a 16-bit microprocessor control system with 8-bit microprocessor as its main product. It has a leading position in the field of control, transmission, communication and operation positioning. Then in 2013, the company completed the research and development of 32-bit microprocessor control system, in order to obtain multi-national certification and patents, and now has a variety of elevator display and elevator Internet of Things products.

Company Philosophy and Vision

As a professional manufacturer of elevator control, Sow Cheng Technology is committed to the research and development of innovative and humanized control systems, emphasizing safety system design, emphasizing the best quality products and services, and pursuing customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

"Taking Taiwan as the cornerstone, selling products to the world" is the company's ultimate vision, with research and development as the help, the pursuit of excellence in quality and technology, and the combination of technology and humanity towards the goal.


Sow Cheng technology seeks the highest safety system design and the best efficiency integration of electromechanical resources, with your satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Elevator Control System

Elevator Control System

Let's design an energy-saving, power-saving and safe elevator system for you.

Elevator iot

Elevator iot

Elevator Internet of Things Technology Makes Elevator Smart!

Professional customization Design

Professional customization Design

Customize the elevator control system for you.


Pursuing Excellent Quality and Technology with R&D as the Help, Combining Science and Technology with Humanity.

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